Player Highlights of the Month

Brewer Adams #1

Brewer came to the program as an 8 year old and from Day one he’s had a driving force to get better at the game of baseball. Brewer is the type of player that every coach loves to have on their team. He’s a competitor who wants to win at everything he does. Brewer is his own toughest critic which at times can hurt him; however, it’s also what makes him special. Brewer is an outgoing energetic kid. While attending the joy prom Brewer didn’t find a camera or a dance circle he didn’t like. He was all over the dance floor doing the whip and Nae Nae all night. 

Most kids when you ask them what their favorite food to eat is would say pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs, maybe even ice cream. Brewer said his favorite thing to eat is pasta! That’s a first for me. Brewer’s favorite baseball team is the Braves and his favorite player is Ronald Acuna Jr of the Atlanta Braves. 

Brewer was chosen as the dare to be different player of the month because of the energy and joy he brings to the field everyday. He’s not afraid to be him and just him. Brewer’s smile is electrifying, he is a true leader and players love to be around him when he shows up. This was apparent during the Joy Prom. Brewer is a great kid with lots of potential in whatever he chooses to do. 

Roman Fisher #10

Roman came to the program last year with little travel baseball experience; however, he was eager to learn. Roman’s the type of player that a coach loves to have on their team as he brings the laughs and energy everyday. Roman hit two baseballs to the fence for doubles during a weekend tournament. On the second ball hit to the fence Roman busted out with a dance when he reached second base. Not something coaches would like to see but it showed us his very unique personality and the the type of energy he brings everyday. 

Roman’s favorite player is Bryce Harper because he said he has a natural swing. However, his favorite team is the New York Mets not sure if Roman knows that they are in the same division. Roman likes the Mets because he likes pitcher Noah Syndergaard. I wonder who he’s going to pull for when Noah faces Bryce. 

This is how different and unique Roman is when asked what his favorite food is he said everything. Another kid that while attending the Joy Prom didn’t find a camera or a dance circle he didn’t like. I noticed at certain times during the Joy Prom Roman was sweating like he played four non stop quarters of basketball. He’s was getting after it on that dance floor. 

Roman was chosen as a dare to be different player of the month due to his willingness to be different. Organizational oaches call him Some-say because he always has something to say. Having the nickname some-say doesn’t stop him from asking questions or being afraid to ask questions even if we look at him like he’s crazy, well if I look at him like he’s crazy. 

It’s a joy to have Roman be a part of the organization and we look forward to seeing Roman’s continued growth as a player and a person. Roman truly is a great kid to be around!

Rylan Milbaugh #22

Rylan comes to the Rays as a first year travel ball Player. When coaches first saw Rylan we thought man he looks like an athlete. We were right this kid picks up on things quick. His Learning curve is short and he already is fitting right in with the better players on the team. 

Rylan’s favorite team is the Dodgers but when asked why he said he doesn’t know why. Rylan did tell me he really likes the little league World Series because he likes watching the kids play and he tries to learn things from them. It didn’t surprise me that Rylan’s favorite food is pizza; however, it did surprise me to find out he likes mushroom and pepperoni on his pizza. I find that truly different for a 9 year old to like mushrooms on a pizza. Rylan’s favorite basketball player is Lebron James and his favorite number is 23 his favorite baseball player is Bryce Harper. Rylan said he likes Bryce Harper because Bryce Harper likes the Buckeyes. There’s no surprise that Ohio State would be Rylan’s favorite college. Fun fact about me. I took my official visit to Purdue University in 2001 when Ohio State and Purdue played against each other. Ohio state was #2 in the country and Purdue lead by Drew Brees was #4. Purdue beat Ohio State and went on to win the Big Ten and I thought it was the greatest thing I had ever seen. So I signed to go to school at Purdue where I found out attending college football games after you lose a heisman trophy candidate isn’t the same as when you have a Heisman Trophy candidate.

It’s a joy to have Rylan play for the Organization and watch him grow as a baseball player and person. No matter what happens in the life of baseball because baseball is a whole separate life Rylan will be successful as he is his own person with his own likes and dislikes. The kid brings a focus to the field that a coach will always appreciate.